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Organic deep cleansing facial

The principle

Our organic range of care Estime&Sens will bring all the hydration and the dose of active ingredients needed to meet your specific skin requirements.

Our facials are tailored to each individual skin type and needs.


  • – Alcohol, tobacco or junk food for at least 2h after the treatment
  • – Steam room/hammam or swimming pool
  • – Sun exposure or UV lamps for 12h after the treatment


  • – Increase your water intake water in the days following the treatment to eliminate toxins
  • – Remove makeup and moisturize your skin daily
  • – Keep a healthy diet and get enough sleep
  • – Take time to relax

Take time to relax



 150 CHF

 1h20 min

This exceptional treatment will truly reveal the glow of your skin. It will be a deep cleanse with steam and extractions of black heads.