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Lash refills and removal

The principle

Lash extension can be worn for many months without ever having to redo a full set. Lash refills should look as if you have just received a new set.

The natural lashes have a growth cycle of 90 days. The base of the lash extension grows away from the eyelid. Depending on the growth stage of the natural lash the extension will shed along with the lash.



 50 CHF  20 min

2 weeks (8-14 days)

 70 CHF  40 min

3 weeks (15-21 days)

 100 CHF  60 min

4 weeks (22-28 days)


 90 CHF  40 min

2 weeks (8-14 days)

 120 CHF  60 min

3 weeks (15-21 days)

 150 CHF  80 min

4 weeks (22-28 days)


 45 CHF  20 min

For those who want their extensions to be removed.